Welcome to Paddock + Company

  • -- an Internet marketing and design organization that specializes in website design services. Paddock + Company offers clients a winning combination of real world marketing experience and web technology know-how to produce successful web sites.

Why Paddock + Company?

We are customer driven business people first, computer techno-wizards second. We understand your concerns because we've been in your shoes. When you say you need a return on your Internet investment we won't change the subject or give you a blank stare. We'll learn your goals so that we can achieve them together.

Paddock + Company offers a full solution. In addition to the launch of your website, Paddock + Company can offer a maintenance plan that keeps your site as fresh and as current as you need it to be. And if you wish, we'll train you to electronically update your own site from any remote location. Most important of all, you'll have a plan for the future and a business partner that can make it happen.